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Second Harmonic Recording Studio, establish in 2004, is located in the heart of INDIE Music Row. Considered one of the finest independent recording facilities, its client roster reads like a who’s who of the music world spanning a range of styles from the roots to nowadays rock.

Housed in a 40-year-old brick house, Second Harmonic provides an exceptional acoustical space tuned specifically for music recording and offers one of very few such spaces in the region.

Second Harmonic it's offering a wide range of musical services from recording and mastering to online publishing on specialty online stores so artists should be aware that it is no longer necessary to subscribe to the traditional music business model that takes away control and ownership of their own career.


Izzy Waan
“Izzy Waan (b.1973) is a Romanian-born rock musician and multi-instrumentalist. Hand made electronic and acoustic instruments, samples of real sounds recorded on tape and customized effect units bring an original texture to his music. A fusion of styles and genres complying of ethno,electronic and progressive rock,urban blues and ambiental music can be regarded as the spinal cord of his original sound.”
Southernman Robbie
“Robert "Southernman Robbie" Zsugya is a Romanian musician, singer, songwriter, who brings the roots of the blues with an archaic image, combining slide guitar, finger picking, vocals and kazoo that will carry you to the land of southern blues.”


Devil Got My Name
Southernman Robbie
Album ~ SHRL-001-C

In February 29, 2016 was released the first album of the artist, called "Devil got my name", which has 14 acoustic blues songs. Southernman Robbie throughout his album, offers you a very good kept secret from the Deep South Danube wildness, as an oasis of acoustic blues for souls.

Southernman Robbie - Devil got my name

Izzy Waan
Album ~ SHRL-002-C

Released in august 2016, "Forty Miles of Dusty Road" is the first album. This album is more of a concept album even though most of the songs can be taken out of context of the album without problems. Vintage synthesizers blend together with ethnic instruments to create an atmospheric sound texture close to the edge of a movie soundtrack. Other songs have a taste of '70s rock garageband mixed with urban blues elements. Enjoy the sound and stay tuned for future albums.

Izzy Waan - Forty miles of dusty road

Izzy Waan
Single ~ SHRL-003-S

A different view of J.J. Cale's "Carry On", recorded as a tribute to the artist, which was released in February 2017

Izzy Waan - Carry On

Izzy Waan
Album ~ SHRL-004-C

On 4 October 1957, the soviet space program, launched Sputnik-1 into low earth orbit. This album is a homage to that achievement.

The overall sound is meditative and atmospheric even though one can encounter rhytmic passages and drum pattern driven songs.

The album contains 9 instrumental tracks. The Gryphon analog sequencer (hand made specially for this album) was used on tracks 2-Anode Power and 3-Semyorka.

Izzy Waan - Sputnik

Izzy Waan
EP ~ SHRL-005-E

This EP was recorded in 2007 and was released ten years later, after the tracks were mastered at Second Harmonic. Driven by a rock solid sound, the songs have a certain nostalgia, but the power still remains untouched and strong.

The disc opens with "Strange Eyes" an acoustic ballad driven by own made wood percussion instruments. "Nuclear Fusion" breaks the silence with heavy guitar riffs followed by a mean bass guitar to complete the aftermath of a thermonuclear war. The confusion of a modern society is unveiled in "Lost in the City". The EP was released by Second Harmonic on 21 June 2017.

Izzy Waan - Archives


Studio gear :

  • Presonus Firestudio Mobile 24-bit/96k
  • ESI nEar05 biamp monitor system
  • ART PRO CHANNEL tube mic preamp, optocompressor and parametric equalizer
  • JB Systems 2x15 Graphic Equalizer
  • Monacor GE-206 2x10 Graphic Equalizer
  • Yamaha SPX50D Digital Sound Processor
  • Behringer MDX1600 Dynamic Processor
  • Analog Echo PT2399 (custom built)
  • AKAI CS-702D II Stereo Cassette Deck
  • Behringer Matrix Monitor System
  • Maxell Studio Pro Headphones
  • Philips SHP1900 Headphones

Microphones :

  • MXL990 Large Diagram Condenser
  • T-Bone EM700 Small Diagram Condenser
  • 2 x Shure SM58S
  • Shure C606
  • Behringer XM1800S
  • Shure PG48
  • Shure Beta 87A
  • WG119 Dynamic Microphone

Instruments :

  • Telecaster Standard with Seymour Duncan STR-3 & STL-2
  • Aria STB-PJ with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound PJ – Set
  • Vermona Formation 2
  • Yamaha SY35 Vector Synthesizer
  • Gryphon 8 Step Analog Sequencer (custom built)
  • Zoom MTR-3 Drum Machine
  • Flame Acoustic Guitar
  • EKO Super Mikey 49
  • Korg MicroKey 25 MIDI Controller

Amps & Effects :

  • Nobels DT-1
  • Behringer RM600
  • Harley Benton BDI-2000
  • Mid Ranger (custom design)
  • Artec Twin Head
  • 2x5 Stereo Analog Equalizer (custom design)
  • Behringer TM300
  • Gallien-Krueger Backline 110 with Eminence Gamma-10A
  • Harley Benton HB80-R with Celestion Classic Lead 80
  • Zoom 606
  • Kustom 12 Gauge with Celestion Seventy80

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